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Behaviour is communication

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Sometimes when we notice a worrying behaviour in our child we begin to panic. We may think there is something wrong with our child, or that they are in urgent need of help...which may be the case. But first of all, before you let your mind run away with all the possible terrible outcomes that this behaviour may bring, let's remind ourselves that behaviour is communication. Ask yourself "what is my child trying to tell me with this behaviour?" It may be that the communication is totally unconscious, so don't expect your child to necessarily be able to tell you in words. But take a step back and look, listen, and be attentive to your child's feelings. For example, sometimes, if a child is angry, they are masking fear and anxiety. It might be a fear that they don't know how to express or understand and it comes out as anger. Make some time to spend with your child on your own, and just be available for them. Ask them how they would like to spend the time with you. Give them your undivided attention with the goal to connect and seek to understand what is going on for them. #connectedfamilies #connectedparenting #playfultherapy #playfulparenting

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